3 reasons the Phoenix Suns were right to trade for Bradley Beal

The Phoenix Suns have now had Bradley Beal on this roster for over half of their season, and it is clear trading for him was the right decision to make.

Phoenix Suns v Golden State Warriors
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1. He's a top three third option in the league

The NBA has shifted from having "Big 3s" in recent years, with the best teams instead opting to go for two superstars and a deeper supporting cast. The Suns aren't quite there yet, although in Nurkic, Allen, O'Neale and Eric Gordon, they are trying to tow the line and have three stars and a deep group around them.

Not so long ago we could have said Beal was the best third option in the whole league. Would you rather have Austin Reaves? Khris Middleton? Derrick White or Kristaps Porzingis? Perhaps the latter two, although you get the sense they work better with the Boston Celtics than they would anywhere else in the league.

Next. NBA Champion would be a perfect fit for the Suns' last roster spot. NBA Champion would be a perfect fit for the Suns' last roster spot. dark

Beal is only 30-years-old and is still a star, but unfortunately he is not better than James Harden right now. He was earlier in the season - but his move to the L.A. Clippers to be their third option - has gone so well that we have to concede he now holds this title. Harden's postseason flameouts have been well documented, whereas Beal doesn't have a ton of exposure to the biggest stage at 45 games.

But the fact Beal is on this Suns team for a potential playoff series against the Clippers is enough right now. He is the ideal player to duel with Harden and who can exceed the offensive output we have seen from him so far. He is overqualified for this role with the Suns, and the fact they have him at all given their cap situation, is a huge win for them.