3 reasons the Phoenix Suns were right to trade for Bradley Beal

The Phoenix Suns have now had Bradley Beal on this roster for over half of their season, and it is clear trading for him was the right decision to make.
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2. He completes the team offensively

There is no doubt that Beal was signed to complete the Suns' puzzle offensively, and he has done exactly that when available. The team have a 19-11 record when he's been on the court, while the 36.3 percent he has shot from deep has been serviceable as well. Putting up 18.2 points (his lowest tally since 2015-16) sounds like a negative, but it actually isn't

This shows that Beal has willingly accepted the role of third choice offensively behind Durant and Booker, and the 4.5 assists he has managed are slightly above his career average too. Perhaps best of all - if you look at some of the Suns' three-man groups and their offensive ratings - it is clear Beal is having a huge influence.

The combination of Beal/Durant/Nurkic has an offensive rating of 125.4 in 446 minutes played. Interestingly, Beal/Durant/Booker have the exact same rating in only six fewer minutes together so far which tells us two things. The first is that Nurkic continues to be underrated and is an integral part of the starting five, and the second is that Beal can excel playing next to all manner of players.

It is that versatility - he can easily slide into the first scoring option or lead facilitator - that proves the Suns were right to go out and get him when they did. Once he can get a clean bill of health and a run of games, the team are going to be the better for it. The thought process was always that Beal could turn the Suns into a truly elite offensive group. The numbers now prove that to be the case.