3 reasons Suns fans shouldn't worry about Devin Booker's potential All-Star snub

Fans aren't recognizing the brilliance of Devin Booker this season, ultimately snubbing him in the All-Star fan voting. But here are some reasons why Suns fans shouldn't worry.
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Booker could get into the All-Star game as a reserve

Most of the time, fan-voting results are unfair. Fan voting is technically a popularity contest. If players play well or not, if the fans like the player, he'll get voted in. Based on the top ten backcourt players in the first returns, some names are guaranteed to make analytical fans scratch their heads.

Firstly, James Harden has finally gotten his rhythm offensively for the Los Angeles Clippers. Comparing his stats to Booker, the Suns star has produced more. The second name that garnered more votes than the team's All-Star guard is Kyrie Irving.

Irving is still a productive star, but he's played fewer games this season, only appearing in 19 games. Ja Morant also had more votes than the former 13th pick. He didn't play the first 25 games of the season as he served his suspension, but still got more votes.

Harden, Irving, and Morant's place in the fan voting is debatable if they deserve it. But the last two names that wrap up the top ten prove that fan voting is a joke.
Klay Thompson and Austin Reaves are in the top 10 in fan-voting results. Both players aren't having the best years, but because they play for more popular teams, fans vote them over Booker.

Not being voted in by fans isn't the end of Booker's chance at returning to the All-Star game. All 30 NBA coaches vote for the rest of the reserves. As coaches, most of them know which players have excelled during the first part of the season. The Suns' star has played well this year, and the one-time All-NBA would likely get voted in as a reserve.

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Making the All-Star team is a prominent feat for any NBA star. But the popularity contest has never been in his favor. Over the years, Booker has gotten used to being left out, which occasionally leaves him proving them wrong. So, if he's not worried, why should we?