3 reasons Suns fans shouldn't worry about Devin Booker's potential All-Star snub

Fans aren't recognizing the brilliance of Devin Booker this season, ultimately snubbing him in the All-Star fan voting. But here are some reasons why Suns fans shouldn't worry.
Miami Heat v Phoenix Suns
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Booker can focus on the bigger goal

Winning the Larry O'Brien trophy is the Suns' goal this season. Although, having the stars be named an All-Star this season would be an exceptional consolation. Still, the Suns' ultimate goal is to win the championship. That has been obvious since before the season began when they traded for Beal during the summer.

After their recent 113-97 win against the Miami Heat, NBA reporter Duane Rankin asked Booker about his status on the fan-voting for the All-Star game.

Rankin followed it by asking the star if he cared about the fan voting, and he just shook his head.

Based on that postgame interview, fans can see that Booker wants to achieve one thing--winning the NBA title. The Suns aren't a sure threat yet. However, things could get serious if the former Kentucky star does everything to win the title.

Yes, being named an All-Star this season is an excellent reward. But Booker's experience getting to the NBA Finals in 2021 has changed him as a player. Now, he's set his eyes on finishing the job and giving the franchise their first-ever title.