3 reasons Suns fans shouldn't worry about Devin Booker's potential All-Star snub

Fans aren't recognizing the brilliance of Devin Booker this season, ultimately snubbing him in the All-Star fan voting. But here are some reasons why Suns fans shouldn't worry.
Miami Heat v Phoenix Suns
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Booker can get rest if he doesn't make the All-Star team

Hypothetically, if Booker doesn't make the All-Star team this season, he'll have more time to rest his body. Early in the season, he struggled with lower body injuries that have slowed his production. Luckily, he's healthy, and that's what fans and the team want. Having the three-time All-Star in good condition is valuable, especially in the second half of the season.

After the All-Star break, the Suns will face tough competition. They have four games for the rest of February after the break. They'll face the Houston Rockets twice and play one game each against the Dallas Mavericks and the Lakers.

The Mavs are one of the better teams in the West. They matched up against the Suns once this season and outperformed Phoenix. For the Lakers, the team has met them three times this season, including the NBA In-Season Tournament. They lost all of their games against the Los Angeles team. Despite their struggling as of late, the Purple & Gold have gotten the best of Booker and the rest of the team.

Having the stars healthy during these matchups could be a significant advantage for the Suns. Booker's health is crucial to the team's success this season.