3 reasons Suns fans shouldn't worry about Devin Booker's potential All-Star snub

Fans aren't recognizing the brilliance of Devin Booker this season, ultimately snubbing him in the All-Star fan voting. But here are some reasons why Suns fans shouldn't worry.
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All-Star season is right around the corner, and fans are doing extra work voting for their favorite players. Looking at the first fan returns of the NBA All-Star Voting, something seems particularly wrong.

Kevin Durant is on his way to making his 14th appearance in the All-Star game with 1.8 million votes for the Western Conference frontcourt players. Durant is behind Los Angeles Lakers star LeBron James, who leads the West with 2 million votes.

However, the backcourt voting results don't even have Devin Booker in the top ten.

Phoenix Suns fans are visibly upset, as they are hoping to see Booker participate in the All-Star game next month. The 6-foot-5 star is one of the best shooting guards in the league, but players who are more popular than him have more votes.

Last year, he missed the All-Star game as he dealt with an injury from the middle of December until the first week of January. Fans are eager to see him earn his fourth All-Star nod this season, as he has elevated his game. Booker is now the full-time facilitator for the Suns and is still scoring at an elite rate.

Through all this, fans can look at the positives of what it could do for Booker and the team. Here are three reasons Booker's potential All-Star snub shouldn't take much of the fans' time.