3 reasons Jusuf Nurkic will be exposed in the postseason

The Phoenix Suns are doing their best to secure a playoff spot, but if they get there center Jusuf Nurkic is going to be exposed by opponents.

Atlanta Hawks v Phoenix Suns
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Reckless from beyond the three

The use of the three-pointer has become more common in the league these days, but it can also be a team's downfall. In the 2018 playoffs, the Houston Rockets heavily relied on the three-ball and ended up missing 27 threes, which proved to be detrimental to their performance. While this example may be a bit extreme, Nurkic has been unapologetic about taking shots from beyond the arc. 

As the starting center, Nurkic attempts more than one three-pointer per game, which isn't a lot. However, whenever he has an open shot, he takes it without hesitation.

This is a sign of good basketball IQ. However, it can be a risky move if the shooter doesn't have the skills to back it up. Unfortunately, in Nurkic's case, he only has a 24 percent success rate from beyond the arc, which is not great. 

The team won't require Nurkic to take shots from deep since they already have three elite options: Kevin Durant, Devin Booker, and Bradley Beal. If there's a need for him to score, he can rely on his post skills as he's strong and smart enough to draw mismatches.