3 positives from Game 2 that the Suns need to do more in Game 3

There are areas the Phoenix Suns did well against the Minnesota Timberwolves in Game 2 and they need to do it more in Game 3.
Phoenix Suns v Minnesota Timberwolves - Game Two
Phoenix Suns v Minnesota Timberwolves - Game Two / David Berding/GettyImages
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2. Push the pace

Before the series even started, it was already known that the Suns had a disadvantage if they played at the Wolves' pace. Minnesota doesn't excel in playing a faster-paced game since they have a good number of big men on their roster. However, the Suns have a decent amount of perimeter players who could be ideal in a faster-paced offense.

In Game 2, there were instances where the Suns excelled in playing faster. This strategy slows down the Wolves from setting up their defense. At times, it moves Gobert outside of his comfort zone on the defensive end and opens up the paint.

Although the Suns weren't the best in pace during the regular season, they have the ideal personnel to execute it. They finished the 2023-24 campaign as the 15th place when it comes to pace. The Wolves, on the other hand, finished at the 24th spot.