3 players you didn't know landed on the Suns' G League roster

The Phoenix Suns are going to have a G League affiliate in the Valley Suns next season, and some recognizable faces have landed on their team.
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The Phoenix Suns don't look likely to make a big splash in free agency this summer, having gone out and gotten Bradley Beal last offseason. Paired with the ridiculously expensive core of Devin Booker, Kevin Durant, Grayson Allen, Jusuf Nurkic and most likely Royce O'Neale, it is impossible to add any other big name players.

Two ways the organization can add players to the back end of their roster is through adding individuals on minimum contracts, as well as using the 22nd pick in this year's draft to add a young and cheap player. Perhaps even a long-term option at the point guard position.

Another underrated way they can add a player is through their G League team - the Valley Suns - who recently got their roster filled out through an expansion draft.

The Suns were the last franchise in the league without a G League team - and now that this has been sorted - they can use the team to try and get a player or two who could end up helping the Suns. Three known players have landed in The Valley, and there's every chance one could be back in the NBA again soon.

3. Denzel Valentine

Remember Denzel Valentine? The guy who looked like he might have a moment with the Chicago Bulls, before going on to take some of the most ill-advised shots you're ever going to see on a basketball court. Being cut from the league can be a humbling experience, and Valentine might yet play his way back into the NBA while with the Valley Suns.

He's played in 260 games in the league - of which four were playoff appearances - and he averaged over 10 points per game in only his second season in the league. A career 36 percent 3-point shooter, Valentine has a nice stroke and that aforementioned confidence to let it fly from all over the court.

The Suns don't need another gunner out there, but it could be that Valentine realizes his way back into the NBA is through playing the best defensive basketball of his career. He's got a decent frame for staying in front of opponents - like a bulkier Allen - and new head coach Mike Budenholzer could also get something out of his shooting. Now 30, this is his last chance, and he likely knows it.