3 players the Suns missed out on in opening days of free agency

With free agency underway many teams in the NBA moved quick to secure the services of players, leaving the Phoenix Suns in the dust.
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1. Luke Kornet

This would have been a nice get for the Suns, but Luke Kornet has instead decided to run it back with the Boston Celtics next season. Unlike the other two players here, Kornet was signed for the minimum, which means in theory the Suns could have gotten involved in conversations to try and sign the 28-year-old.

Instead he's going back to a situation that likely suits him better than any other in the league. Kornet knows what is expected of him in Boston, and he has the skill set for a big man to thrive there. Although the Suns went and got Plumlee early, Kornet would have represented a different and appealing look to have as the backup big.

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Not nearly as physically imposing - but longer and so much more versatile offensively - Kornet could have slid into the minutes Bol is going to get, and then some, and had a much more consistent impact on both ends of the court. He might not shoot 3-pointers, but we saw enough of him with the Celtics last season to know he could have had a positive impact for the Suns.

Although this one doesn't hurt because Kornet never looked like leaving the Celtics, it is an underrated bad miss by the Suns. He was within budget and clearly would have addressed an area of need for the franchise. Instead it is a combination of Plumlee, Bol, Jusuf Nurkic and Jalen Bridges who will have to cobble together frontcourt minutes next season.