3 players in the NBA Finals the Suns could sign this summer

There are three players currently suiting up in the NBA Finals who the Phoenix Suns have a chance to try and sign this summer.
2024 NBA Finals - Game One
2024 NBA Finals - Game One / Maddie Meyer/GettyImages
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1. Derrick Jones Jr.

The most likely player of the three to actually get signed by the Suns this summer, and it is ironic that a dip in the performance of Derrick Jones Jr. would be the reason why. He was probably the find of the season given that he was signed to the minimum when anybody could have gotten him, and just started and played 32 minutes in Game 2 of the finals.

There was a point as recently as round two of these playoffs where Jones Jr. looked in line for a significant bump in pay as a result of how well he played for a Mavericks team that came out of nowhere. That might still be the case, but the holes in his game have been exposed on the biggest stage.

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Jones Jr. has gone quiet again relative to where he was at a month or so ago, but again that could work out well for the Suns. Rebuilding teams are less likely to turn to him because they could spend their money on guys with higher upside, while contenders will be wary of just how much he can help when it really matters.

What the Suns need though is a regular season player who can have some moments, before letting the stars get to work in the playoffs. That plan might have fallen apart alarmingly quickly last time out - but as long as the roster is constructed in this way - it will be one of the main ways they approach signing players. This one just makes too much sense.