3 players in the NBA Finals the Suns could sign this summer

There are three players currently suiting up in the NBA Finals who the Phoenix Suns have a chance to try and sign this summer.
2024 NBA Finals - Game One
2024 NBA Finals - Game One / Maddie Meyer/GettyImages
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There is no doubt that the Phoenix Suns are going to have to hit the bargain basement harder than they ever have before to improve their roster this offseason. Their cap sheet situation ensures this is the case, and goes some way to explaining some of the front office moves the organization has already made.

The Suns had middling success doing this last season, with players like Eric Gordon and even Drew Eubanks playing their part. In terms of raw upside, it was another minimum guy in Bol Bol who represented found money with the fleeting regular season contributions he had in The Valley.

But what if the Suns were to turn it up a notch this summer, and target three players who are currently taking part in the NBA Finals?

To do this while only armed with the minimum would be no mean feat, but there are actually some guys who fit the bill. All three aren't likely to excite fans - but when you employ three superstars at over $150 million alone next season - finding value for the end of your bench that can actually play is about as good as it gets. With that in mind, what are any of these guys doing for you?

3. Markieff Morris

You will be delighted to know that 34-year-old Markieff Morris is as bad as this list is going to get. Both because he is clearly past his best, but also thanks to the fact that he's yet to play a single postseason minute for the Dallas Mavericks so far.

That doesn't look likely to change between now and the end of the series either - because even though Mavs' head coach Jason Kidd has his back to the wall - there still isn't really a need for Morris out there. Not when the likes of Dante Exum can provide better defensive switching ability and fresher legs at this point in a long season.

Which is exactly why he will be available on the minimum this summer. Morris did manage 8.3 minutes per game in Dallas during the regular season, and the 35.7 percent he shot from deep on less than two attempts per night is worth mentioning. So too is the stout frame which - when he is able to stay in front of his man - can slow them down momentarily so the Mavericks can get set.

Really though this isn't the kind of player the Suns should be targeting, but who unfortunately are still going to be left out there when the dust settles after the opening days of free agency. Nice as these dream additions would be, the Suns have to be realistic. Adding Morris on a minimum deal is as real as it gets.