3 players for the Phoenix Suns to avoid in the buyout market

The NBA's buyout market is heating up, but the Phoenix Suns should avoid these three players when trying to add to this group.
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2. Danilo Gallinari

There is no doubt that Danilo Gallinari is the most skilled player who is going to appear on this list. In a vaccum the Suns could do somebody just like him, as somebody who can create his own shot and is also possesses the kind of big body that the roster could do with adding. In comparison to Lopez, Gallinari is a clear level up.

But he is also 35-years-old and like Lopez has been in the league since 2009. There's considerable miles on the clock but even worse, Gallinari has in the past missed two full seasons through ACL injuries. The most recent causing him to miss all of last season. Knee injuries like this might not be ending careers anymore, but the miraculous recovery of Durant has us underrating these setbacks.

As a result of coming back from an achilles injury suffered in the 2019 NBA Finals to be the superstar he was before going down, we wrongly assume that anybody else can do the same. That is not the case, and Gallinari is sadly too injury-prone to consider signing. Unlike Lopez, his offensive game means coach Vogel would likely try to add him to their postseason rotation.

On the other hand the Italian is a bucket, putting up 15.2 points per game throughout his career to date. An impressive mark given the various injury setbacks he has had. In only six games with the dreadful Detroit Pistons, he managed to put up 8.7 points in 15 minutes, and is a career 38.2 percent shooter from deep. Intriguing numbers, but health is what holds Gallinari back here.