3 Phoenix Suns who will let them down in the playoffs

The Phoenix Suns are still trying to actually make the playoffs, but if they can complete that task these three players will let them down when the lights shine brightest.
New Orleans Pelicans v Phoenix Suns
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1. Bol Bol

It is painful to even see Bol Bol make this list, because the fact he will make the playoff rotation at all shows you the kind of amazing season he has ended up having in The Valley. An afterthought until around Christmas - and a player coach Vogel blatantly did not trust - Bol then exploded into life with some nice scoring nights and even nicer highlights.

He looks like the most beloved Sun by both fans and teammates, with everything positive he does being celebrated like he just broke the scoring record in arenas both in Phoenix and further afield. Coach Vogel also deserves credit for being able to create a scheme that allows Bol and his defensive limitations to fit into what he is trying to achieve each night.

Next. 4 way too early free agency targets for the Suns this summer. 4 way too early free agency targets for the Suns this summer. dark

But it is those same limitations that are going to hurt the Suns in the end when he is out on the court. Bol will be hidden against weaker offensive players outside of the paint when he's on the court, yet we all know opponents are going to ensure they get the switch they want to get higher level scorers onto Bol.

As willing as he is to do whatever is asked of him, Bol still gets lost defensively, misses rotations and is not a good rim protector despite his length. He can and does alter plenty of shots away from the paint, but a Rudy Gobert or Nikola Jokic is going to destroy him inside. It will be sad to see when it happens and he is forced to the bench again, but the playoffs will expose Bol's still growing game.