3 Phoenix Suns who will get less minutes as the NBA Playoffs near

The 2024 NBA Playoffs is slowly approaching and the Phoenix Suns need everyone to be on the same page. To do that, a few sacrifices have to be made
Phoenix Suns v Houston Rockets
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Securing a high seed in the playoffs is what the Phoenix Suns are doing as the regular season approaches its end. The Suns are fifth in the Western Conference standings with a 34-24 record. Ideally, positioning themselves in the fourth seed or higher would give them a homecourt advantage during the first round of the playoffs.

Phoenix has secured its first win after the All-Star break against the LA Lakers. In their first three games back from the break, the Suns have a 1-2 record. The players haven't adjusted to the tweaked roster as they gradually incorporate Royce O'Neale into the system following the trade. They've added veteran big man Thaddeus Young before the break but haven't seen much action.

Despite this, the Suns might still opt to play the newer players before the playoffs start to get them knowledgeable about the system. 

Recently, I made a list of three players who could get more minutes as the playoffs get near. It only means one thing: some players will likely have to sacrifice their playing time for the others. It may seem unfair, as some players were part of the plans before the season started. However, the Suns need well-equipped players to play in the postseason.

Without much ado, below are three players who could get a reduced time on the court as the Suns prepare for the 2024 NBA Playoffs.

3. Drew Eubanks

Drew Eubanks has been phenomenal for the Suns this season. As the team's go-to backup center, he's done a tremendous job providing energy off the bench. He may not post a significant amount in the stat sheet, but his influence is noticeable for most fans. Eubanks plays 15.9 minutes off the bench, and the team couldn't ask for more.

Unfortunately, Eubanks is inexperienced in the postseason. He's been in the league for six seasons and still hasn't played a game in the playoffs. Although, that's not entirely his fault, as he's been with teams that have struggled in making the playoffs the past few seasons. The 6-foot-9 big man will still likely play in the games leading up to the playoffs but with a reduced role.

The Suns still need an enforcer inside, and Eubanks is one of their best options in that department. The big man could still play the rest of the regular season but will share his minutes with Young, who joined them to aid the team in their playoff journey.