3 Phoenix Suns who will fall out of the team's playoff rotation

The Phoenix Suns are going to start tightening their rotation for the playoffs soon, and these three players are not going to make the cut.
Phoenix Suns v Denver Nuggets
Phoenix Suns v Denver Nuggets / Jamie Schwaberow/GettyImages
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1. Drew Eubanks

Backup center Drew Eubanks has a similar situation on his hands to Lee, although it is not as dire. There's no doubt coach Vogel likes Eubanks, even if sometimes it is hard to understand why. But just when it looks like his limitations are going to force him off the court for good, he'll provide some energy, defensive hustle and a burst of points and rebounds to justify his selection.

In the overtime win against the Nuggets recently there was Eubanks, chipping in with an impressive 10 points and eight boards when the Suns needed him. To follow that up with zero points and a single rebound against the Celtics not even a week later is all part of the Drew Eubanks experience this season.

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Once the playoffs begin, even Nurkic is likely to see his minutes slide. This despite being one of the most consistent players the team have had this season, having a game where he set a franchise record for rebounds at 31, and having the kind of reclamation season that few thought was possible last summer.

The reason for this? Durant will slide to the five some, which he's already done at times this season depending on the matchup. Coach Vogel has done this in anticipation of the playoffs, and it has led to Nurkic sitting for entire fourth-quarters more than once. With that clearly being the direction the Suns are going, Eubanks is going to get left behind.