3 Phoenix Suns who will fall out of the team's playoff rotation

The Phoenix Suns are going to start tightening their rotation for the playoffs soon, and these three players are not going to make the cut.

Phoenix Suns v Denver Nuggets
Phoenix Suns v Denver Nuggets / Jamie Schwaberow/GettyImages
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2. Saben Lee

There's no doubt that point guard Saben Lee has tried to seize the opportunity he has been given with the Suns. Although there is still chatter that they'd use their final roster spot on a veteran floor general if they could, Lee has been used by coach Vogel some with Booker out injured.

But the recent loss to the Celtics was exactly why he can't see the court come the playoffs if the Suns don't want to win. The Celtics left him open and he chucked up some wild and awful shots, while defensively he was picked on with ease by an elite opponent. Lee does inject some pace and urgency, but is not consistent enough to see the court when it really matters.

In that Celtics game, their own backup Payton Pritchard - who himself has well established limitations - looked leagues better and more composed than Lee. Besides once the playoffs start, it is highly likely one of Booker and Beal will be on the court for the entire game.

They'll also spend a lot of that time together as well, and really the only way Lee gets a look in here is both if one of those two gets injured (which torpedos their playoff hopes anyway), and that the franchise don't go out and get somebody else to fill their final roster spot. A lot would have to go Lee's way for him to see some minutes and if it somehow did, it wasn't part of the plan anyway.