3 Phoenix Suns who opponents will target in the playoffs

The Phoenix Suns have a number of players who opponents are going to target defensively over the course of a seven game series.
Atlanta Hawks v Phoenix Suns
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1. Bol Bol

Make no mistake, this season has been a fantastic one for Bol Bol. In his fifth year in the league, he has finally found a situation in The Valley where he can excel. In the past he didn't fit with the Denver Nuggets and what they were building, while with the Orlando Magic too much was asked of what was a rapidly rebuilding team.

With the Suns though he can come in for around 15 minutes per night, stretch the floor with his shooting (39.5 percent from 3-point range) and be annoying around the perimeter with his length. In those aforementioned jumbo lineups, he can stick to a team's third or fourth best scoring option, while Nurkic and Durant handle the heavy duty inside the paint.

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Bol is going to get playoff minutes, and he deserves it. Coach Vogel has managed to find a way to make his enigmatic talents work with these Suns, and there will be moments where Bol goes on a run of scoring a handful of points off the bench in only a few minutes. The darker side of doing this though, is just how often opponents will pick on him.

As a result of hanging outside the paint to survive defensively, opposing teams are going to hunt switches to create mismatches that expose Bol. This will happen, and it is not going to be pretty. It is easy to envision Anthony Edwards of the Minnesota Timberwolves for example continuing to create a scenario where he matches up with Bol, before obliterating him. A tough puzzle for the Suns to solve.