3 Phoenix Suns that the franchise can't afford to lose

These three Phoenix Suns players have quickly made themselves indispensable for the organization in what has been an up and down season so far.
Phoenix Suns v New York Knicks
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2. Jusuf Nurkic

As has been mentioned already, everybody owes center Jusuf Nurkic an apology for how he has played with the Suns up to this point. So much so, that they wouldn't be the team that they are on both ends if Nurkic wasn't on the roster. Offensively his talents lie in passing, screening and cutting and feeding off the scraps left behind by his more illustrious teammates.

On the defensive end, it has gone better than the Suns could have hoped for. Coach Vogel deserves some credit for this - and to be sure Nurkic still gets cooked by opponents on some nights - but he is holding his own on a level that has allowed the team to be competitive without their stars pouring in 30 points each game. He's also provided some unexpected comedic relief for the group as well.

The Suns rank 19th in defensive rating (113.9) right now, but that number is a healthier 111.9 when Nurkic is on the court. That would be good for a top 10 defense, while the offensive rating of 118.8 Nurkic possesses gives him a net rating of 6.9 that again, many fans did not think was possible once he landed in The Valley in exchange for Deandre Ayton.

Most impressively of all however, is that fact that Nurkic - alongside Jordan Goodwin - has played in every single game for the team so far. He's also the only player who has started every game, with his 28 minutes per game up on the 26.8 of a season ago. Given Goodwin plays 17.1 minutes each night, it is a testament to how important Nurkic has become and how crucial it is he has avoided injury.