3 numbers that explain the Phoenix Suns' change in fortunes

The Phoenix Suns have turned a corner to start the New Year, and there are three numbers that explain the reason they've gotten back to winning ways perfectly.
Portland Trail Blazers v Phoenix Suns
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2. 42.9 percent

This is the number that the Suns are shooting from deep throughout their current win streak, which is good for third in the league. It is again a notable improvement on their season average, which has them sitting 11th (37.3 percent). The roster was designed to have knockdown shooters around the team's three stars, and that is becoming a more regular occurance after a shaky start.

The Suns currently have five players who are shooting over 37 percent from beyond the arc. A sixth in Drew Eubanks has the best numbers of all from 3-point range, but doesn't meet the criteria to qualify. Of those five, Booker is the least efficient at 37.3 percent, although at over five attempts per game, he is taking the third most shots from there of anybody on the team.

Durant continues to defy logic at 35-years-old, with the 47.7 percent he is averaging not only leading the team, but it is also the best mark of his incredible career as well. Having Durant hit so many of these shots (4.6 attempts per game) has opened the floor up for everybody else, and it is Allen and Gordon who have really benefitted.

Gordon is shooting just over 40 percent, while Allen remains unconscious and is hitting a ridiculous 45.6 percent on over five attempts per game. The Suns always had the firepower to blow opponents away, and being able to score from all over the court, but especially beyond the 3-point line, was a key part of that. It is no surprise then that as the team have collected wins, this number has improved.