3 most underrated players on the Phoenix Suns' roster

The stars have done their job in leading the Phoenix Suns, but there are underrated players who have helped their season so far.
Memphis Grizzlies v Phoenix Suns
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Josh Okogie

Defense wins games, and Josh Okogie is one of the most valued players on the Suns' roster this year. Okogie has solidified his position as the fifth starter for the team. He fits right in the starting lineup as his defensive skills help the stars focus on their primary responsibilities.

Although head coach Frank Vogel has only opted to start the 6-foot-4 forward ten times this season, there's no denying that he adds a different dynamic with the starters.

Offensively, the George Tech alum has hit a road block. He hasn't contributed much in the scoring department, and the Suns hope it'll improve soon. He may not be the team's best option on the offensive end, but he makes it up on the other side.

Okogie is averaging a steal and 0.5 blocks per game this season. It may appear irrelevant, but that puts him second in the defensive net rating for the Suns. The two-way guard is also bringing a positive impact on the rebounding category. He's fourth in offensive rebound percentage. Among guards, he ranks first in getting the most offensive rebounds this season. 

His offensive inconsistencies are hurting his reputation of being a great role player. But looking deeper at the numbers, Okogie is an underrated player for the Suns.