3 lineups for the Phoenix Suns which include their Big 3

With the Big 3 finally healthy, these 3 lineups could benefit the Phoenix Suns and how they manage their players.

Brooklyn Nets v Phoenix Suns
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Phoenix has a plethora of three-and-D players who can play different wing positions. Putting Eric Gordon and Yuta Watanabe on the court to play alongside the Big 3 could exploit defenses. Both are sharpshooters and are capable defenders to stay in front of other players.

Gordon is a sure threat against defenses, as he's shooting 39 percent from beyond the arc. Plus, he can take on the responsibility of facilitating random spurts for the Suns.

Throughout the season, he's been in situations where he had to take over the point guard reins. In a lineup like this, the former Sixth Man of the Year can patiently be an off-ball threat and apply pressure on the defense from three.

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For Watanabe, he's been a reliable shooter, making 35.9 percent from three. Last season, the Japanese star shot better, knocking down 44.4 percent. The 6-foot-9 wing player has the size to defend many sizeable players on the other end. He may look smaller, but he can atone for it with his speed and hustle as a defender.