3 lineups for the Phoenix Suns which include their Big 3

With the Big 3 finally healthy, these 3 lineups could benefit the Phoenix Suns and how they manage their players.
Brooklyn Nets v Phoenix Suns
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The spacing in this lineup would be the biggest problem the team could face. However, it could involve more backdoor actions for the stars. Jusuf Nurkic and Eubanks are both decent passing big men. They use their heights to read the defenses and guide their teammates to ideal spots on the floor.

Nurkic is averaging four assists this season, which isn't new, as he averaged similar stats in the 2019-20 season. Whenever the Bosnian big man gets into a high post position, Durant and Booker get to cut to the basket for effortless buckets.

The seven-footer is also able to dominate the boards this season. Although he's only racking up 9.3 rebounds, there are instances where he finishes games with more than ten rebounds.

Eubanks is following in the footsteps of Nurkic in the assist department. Although he doesn't average as much as the team's starting center, he can still read openings superbly. The Suns could explore mismatches and overpower smaller lineups with the Nurkic and Eubanks playing with the stars.