3 lineups for the Phoenix Suns which include their Big 3

With the Big 3 finally healthy, these 3 lineups could benefit the Phoenix Suns and how they manage their players.
Brooklyn Nets v Phoenix Suns
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The stars have one thing to do on the offensive end: scoring the basketball. With a lineup that involves two defensive-minded players, the Big Three will have an easier job scoring the basketball.

The defenses could have problems on both ends. Jordan Goodwin has proved he can be a reliable shooter from a distance. He's knocking down 33 percent of his shots from three. While that isn't overly impressive, it's still a trait that the defense shouldn't overlook.

He's also a great player alongside the stars, as he can show a significant amount of hustle in rebounding. Goodwin is currently second in offensive rebounds among guards coming off the bench. The young guard has dozens of positive traits that could be useful for the Suns.

Drew Eubanks will provide a decent amount of hustle at the center position. While this lineup could look small, it will be practical on the offensive end as Eubanks will run the floor on transition opportunities. Defensively, the 6-foot-9 big man can hold his own. Meeting players at the rim isn't new to him, as he's shown no fear in contesting shots.