3 lessons owner Mat Ishbia should learn from disaster season

After a disastrous 2023-24 campaign for the Suns, owner Mat Ishbia should reflect on the decisions he influenced since his arrival.
Phoenix Suns Introduce Kevin Durant
Phoenix Suns Introduce Kevin Durant / Chris Coduto/GettyImages
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2. Building organically is the way to win titles

Before Ishbia arrived in Phoenix, the team had a decent core of homegrown talent. They capitalized on the players they drafted over the years. While some didn't live up to their hype, *cough* Deandre Ayton *cough*, they were still an acceptable group and what it takes to compete in the tough Western Conference.

In the league's history, the teams that lasted in competing for titles have always built organically. The best example of this is the San Antonio Spurs, with Tim Duncan, Tony Parker and Manu Ginobili. The trio's dynasty lasted for a long time since the ownership trusted the front office to make the right moves. For the Suns, they made the right moves until they had the two blockbuster trades last year.

However, reaching the level that the Spurs achieved might be impossible for the Suns. It's still a pattern that most teams should follow since it resulted in long-term success. Ishbia should learn to trust the front office to make the proper choices when it comes to building organically since the team was already on that path.