3 just-traded players the Phoenix Suns should have snagged themselves

The Phoenix Suns were active at the trade deadline, but that doesn't mean they didn't leave some players at the table that they should have tried to add themselves.
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2. Cory Joseph

Following in the point guard trend here, and Cory Joseph certainly would have been a safer bet than Beverley. At 32, he was sent packing by the Golden State Warriors to the Indiana Pacers for a solitary second round draft pick and some cash.

Joseph has played for the Pacers before, and so it could be that his value there ia greater than anywhere else in the league. Sometimes players and teams just fit together, and it would be fair to point out that Joseph doesn't push the needle and is undersized at the guard position. As a league average group defensively, the Suns can't afford to carry anybody on that end for large stretches.

But returning to the backup guard spot, and there is no guarantee the Suns will be able to add a competent player through the buyout market. There's a reason John Wall has flirted with the organization throughout the season, and it is also fair to point out that most years the buyout market is overrated in how much it can help contenders improve their roster.

A single second round pick is not a lot to give up, and Joseph is also on a minimum deal and an unrestricted free agent this summer. He did play 26 games for the Warriors this season - and although they're going nowhere fast - has plenty of experience and would have loved setting up Durant and Booker from here until the playoffs.