3 just-traded players the Phoenix Suns should have snagged themselves

The Phoenix Suns were active at the trade deadline, but that doesn't mean they didn't leave some players at the table that they should have tried to add themselves.
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The NBA's trade deadline has now been and gone, and the Phoenix Suns left it late to make their move. When all was said and done they had added two players in Royce O'Neale and David Roddy who in theory will crack their playoff rotation once the time comes.

In the case of O'Neale, this was a deal that had been rumored in the lead up to Thursday, with the price of three second round picks not something to think about right now. With the Suns' draft capital at an all-time low, this deal may look bad down the line. But in trying to win a championship this season, O'Neale helps a lot more than three late picks down the line.

The arrival of Roddy from the Memphis Grizzlies was unexpected, but it also filled a position of need for the franchise moving forward.

Not only is Roddy a forward - but at just 22-years-old - he gives the Suns a young player that they can either keep for the long-term or flip in the future. Alongside Nassir Little, who the Suns managed to hold onto, the front office have quietly added two players yet to even hit their prime who could be around once the Kevin Durant era is over in The Valley.

Roddy's arrival cost the Suns a future pick swap, which again is a move that makes sense given the tough financial position the organization are also in. When all was said and done though, there were three players who moved teams at the deadline who the Suns could have afforded to go after, and they may regret not doing so.

3. Patrick Beverley

It would be fair to say that point guard Patrick Beverley is a divisive figure in the league today. The fact he continues to bounce around the league and a contender in the Philadelphia 76ers traded him for former Sun Cam Payne and a second round pick tells you where his value is at as a 35-year-old whose bark appears worse than his bite.

But isn't a bit of bark exactly what the Suns need ahead of what are sure to be some fierce postseason battles? Imagine if Beverley was on the court against the Dallas Mavericks for example, and just how much he could get under the skin of Luka Doncic. The idea here isn't to build a roster of individuals who are annoying to play against - but for that price - why not add one in Beverley?

The Suns moved Jordan Goodwin out in the O'Neale/Roddy deal, and so now have no backup point guard at all. They did open up two roster spots to go after guys in the buyout market, and so another floor general would appear to be a priority. Devin Booker and Bradley Beal have done a great job splitting the duties, but if one of them goes down again, the Suns could be in trouble.

Beverley is on a one-year minimum deal - the kind the Suns have used really well to fill out their roster - and they could have cut ties with him in mere months if this didn't work out. Perhaps Beverley's personality was too big a risk to add at a critical juncture for the organization. Then again, he could have been exactly what they needed for 12 minutes per game. The Bucks seem to think he can help.