3 goals for the Phoenix Suns' Big 3 now that they're healthy

The Phoenix Suns finally have their top three players healthy for the first time this season, so these should be the three most pressing goals for the trio.
Minnesota Timberwolves v Phoenix Suns
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2. Have the best offense in the league for 10 games

If there was one area the Suns were supposed to excel this season, it was on the offensive end. Even with Beal missing most of the campaign to this point, the talents of Booker and Durant alone were meant to ensure the Suns blew some opponents away.

Even more so when you consider players like Allen, Eric Gordon, Nassir Little and more recently Chimezie Metu have been able to knock down a lot of their efforts from beyond the 3-point arc. Yet despite all of this, the Suns have ranked a still disappointing 10th in offensive rating (116.2) so far.

It gets worse though, because in the last 10 games, the Suns have been an awful 19th (115.2) offensively. This has to change, and a good start would be having the best rating in the entire league for the next 10 games. With the next four contests clearly mapped out, there is an opportunity to build on this quickly.

If this goal seems too lofty, we have to consider that the Suns have all of the pieces to be incredible on that end. Both Beal and Durant have all averaged over 30 points in a season at least once, while Booker led the postseason in scoring at 33.1 points per game last season. Factor in the long-range bombers they have, and catching the league-leading Indiana Pacers (123.0) is a must.