3 goals for the Phoenix Suns before the All-Star break

The All-Star break is almost upon the Phoenix Suns, but they still have plenty of goals to accomplish before the break in the season.
Charlotte Hornets v Phoenix Suns
Charlotte Hornets v Phoenix Suns / Christian Petersen/GettyImages
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Take over the fifth seed

Phoenix has a 29-21 record, tying with the New Orleans Pelicans. Above them are the Kings, with a 29-20 record. They only have a loss separating them, and the Suns could take over the fifth seed. Sacramento's schedule looks like they won't have an easy five-game stretch before the All-Star break.

They'll play against the Pistons, which could be an easy job for them. Following that would be their game against the defending champions, the Denver Nuggets.

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They'll face the Nuggets twice over the five-game stretch, with the second game as the conclusion of the first half of their season. Their third game would be against the top-seeded Thunder, followed by their match against the Suns.

Based on their schedule, the Suns should be able to improve their record and standing during the five-game stretch. With this, the team can build on a winning momentum once the break finishes and start the second half with a winning attitude.