3 goals for the Phoenix Suns before the All-Star break

The All-Star break is almost upon the Phoenix Suns, but they still have plenty of goals to accomplish before the break in the season.
Charlotte Hornets v Phoenix Suns
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Aggressiveness from the Big 3

The Big 3 have been healthy over the past 15 games. The trio have played well together, and the Suns have had a 10-5 record during that stretch. The three All-Stars have been taking turns carrying more load on the offense. That tactic has been quite effective, but it could be better.

The player who has been more passive among the three is Beal. In the past 15 games, he's only had five games where he scored at least 20 points. That includes his recent 43-point eruption against his former team, the Washington Wizards. The three-time All-Star has been a lethal off-ball threat, which isn't terrible. Beal isn't the only star that has been passive, as both Booker and Durant usually take a step back whenever someone else is taking over.

The Suns need all three stars at their best in these last five games. By doing so, they'll lead the team to be more assertive in executing their system once the break is over. These last five games could set the tone for the rest of the season for the team, and it's on the three stars to do their jobs.