3 goals for the Phoenix Suns ahead of the playoffs

The playoffs are approaching, and the Phoenix Suns still have plenty to achieve before they can even dream about a postseason run of any kind.
Phoenix Suns v Golden State Warriors
Phoenix Suns v Golden State Warriors / Lachlan Cunningham/GettyImages
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Stay out of the Play-In zone

The Play-In Tournament's purpose is to allow teams to have a bit of competition before the actual playoff games start. It's also a chance for lower-seeded teams to have a shot at making the final eight teams that are supposed to be locked in the playoffs.

Now, the Suns are in the eighth seed, which doesn't make their spot a lock.

Securing the sixth spot before the postseason starts is ideal for the Suns or any team. Being the sixth seed, they won't have to face the best team in their conference. As of this writing, the third seed for the West is the Minnesota Timberwolves. Matching up against the Wolves could be an advantage for Phoenix.

The Wolves have a frontcourt duo that the Suns can use to their advantage. Having Karl-Anthony Towns guard Kevin Durant might work in their favor, especially in the playoffs. But things could change, and the matchups might look different depending on how the season plays out for every team.