3 former Phoenix Suns players who could return In the offseason

The Phoenix Suns are going to need to rebuild the end of their roster this offseason, and these three former players could be back to help.
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1. Bismack Biyombo

Another former Sun that could join the team is Bismack Biyombo, who currently plays for the Oklahoma City Thunder. Biyombo recently played for the Suns, suiting up for two seasons and a total of 97 games for the team between 2021 and 2023.

A veteran in the NBA, Biyombo has provided a solid rotational big man piece for a number of teams over the years. Starting out with the Hornets in his rookie season, he has played for 6 teams over his 12 year NBA career.

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While not averaging huge stats, Biyombo provides a solid backup center who can crash the boards, defend and score some easy baskets in the paint. A return to the Phoenix Suns could be on the cards this offseason, as the team has struggled to find a quality back up center to produce while Jusuf Nurkic sits.

Biyombo could fill that role and give the Suns another big body to help defend some of the dominating big men in today's NBA. The veteran big hits free agency at the end of the season and could choose the Suns if he fills they are his best chance at winning an NBA championship while playing meaningful minutes.