3 expectations for David Roddy and Royce O'Neale with the Suns

The Phoenix Suns added two players in David Roddy and Royce O'Neale at the trade deadline, and they've got some expectations for the new additions.
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2. Make scrappy plays

One of the reasons why the Suns pursued a trade for both forwards is because of their enthusiasm when it comes to playing rough. Both forwards are scrappy players ready to sacrifice their bodies to win 50-50 situations.

Roddy is 6-foot-4, and despite being shorter than Devin Booker, the forward is a physical player. When pursuing the ball, the 22-year-old sophomore doesn't keep his eyes off the ball. He averages 1.1 offensive rebounds while player while playing 23 minutes off the bench. He also grabs 4.2 rebounds, showing his aggressiveness on the boards.

The other forward, meanwhile, is a smarter defender than Roddy. O'Neale is slightly taller, at 6-foot-5, but has a smaller frame. That doesn't hinder him from outperforming his matchups defensively. The Suns need players who are willing to dive for loose balls and sacrifice their bodies when the game is on the line.

Having Roddy and O'Neale on the team is like having two PJ Tuckers, which is a significant advantage.