3 college stats you forgot were associated with this Phoenix Suns team

March Madness has arrived, and we bet you totally forgot these three stats were associated with players on the Phoenix Suns this season.

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2. Grayson Allen shot over 40 percent on 3-pointers only once

It is fair to point out that scoring from beyond the arc in the college and in the NBA are not nearly as transferrable as many would think. Also lost to time is the fact Allen not only played four years of college ball with Duke, but that he went in as an extremely sought after prospect who could do much more than shoot the 3-ball.

Everybody hates Duke except for those who went there, and Allen followed the path of all-time great Christian Laettner in that he had one of those faces that opposing fans wanted to punch. It didn't help that the dirty streak which followed him to the league was on display at times as well. All of that aside though, Allen was a guy who could straight hoop and had the athleticism to back it up.

He was also able to shoot the basketball, yet on only one occasion - his second season with the Blue Devils - Allen shot 41.7 percent from 3-point range. This was on six attempts per game, which would go up in the following two seasons, but he'd never get beyond 37 percent over the course of a season again.

This downturn followed Allen to the league, and as rookie he shot an awful 32.3 percent from deep on 2.6 attempts for the Utah Jazz. The most surprising part about all of this? Prior to this season - which has seen Allen lead the entire NBA in this category at a ridiculous 48.3 percent - that second season in college was the best mark of Allen's entire career from 3-point range, college or pros. Wild.