3 college stats you forgot were associated with this Phoenix Suns team

March Madness has arrived, and we bet you totally forgot these three stats were associated with players on the Phoenix Suns this season.

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March Madness is finally underway in the world of NCAA basketball, and everybody on this Phoenix Suns roster is surely paying attention to the action. In fact some players on this team - such as Grayson Allen and his time in Duke - are more well known for their college exploits to many, as opposed to what they've achieved in the professional game.

Then there are those like Devin Booker, who always take the opportunity to rep where they came from before making it to the league. Even if you're not a big fan of college hoops, now is the time of year when everybody pays attention to the tournament, with brackets falling by the wayside every single day.

Which is why it is also interesting to look back on the collegiate careers of some of these Suns players, and unearth some forgotten facts about these guys.

If you're a big-time fan of the college game, then perhaps none of the following stats are going to surprise you. Even if that's the case, this can also be reassuring in assessing where the Suns will go this summer, when they will have a single second-round pick in order to improve their roster. As we will see, some members of this current Suns roster had their struggles playing in college.

3. Devin Booker never started a game in college

This is something that fans of Booker and the Suns for a long time are likely aware of, but it is still astonishing given he eventually turned into a franchise player in the NBA. Booker played 38 times for Kentucky in his lone season there, yet never started a single game.

Granted the 2014-15 roster he played on featured Karl Anthony-Towns, Willie Cauley-Stein and the Harrison twins, but players to start at least once over Booker include Alex Poythress, Tod Lanter, Sam Malone and Brian Long. Granted Booker's 21.5 minutes per game was the sixth highest on the team, but that is still shocking to think about.

Especially given he became the best pro player on that squad - with respect to Anthony-Towns - and almost as shocking is the fact Booker only averaged 10 points per game. That is until you consider that was the third highest mark on the team that season, and is also an indicator into why the Suns ultimately selected him 13th overall.

Despite the limited opportunities next to more heralded teammates, Booker quietly went about his business and showed flashes of the incredible scorer he would go on to be. Perhaps if we'd known then he could also play as a point guard, then he would have been selected higher and the Suns couldn't have drafted him. Not a single start though? Now that's madness.