3 centers the Phoenix Suns can trade for at the deadline

The Phoenix Suns could yet be active at the trade deadline, and another center to fill out their rotation would be a smart direction to go.
Phoenix Suns v Sacramento Kings
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1. JaVale McGee

JaVale McGee may be on the older side of the league, but he's still a valuable asset on the defensive end. The 36-year-old center hasn't played much for the Sacramento Kings this season. While McGee has appeared for 35 games, he's averaged 8.3 minutes throughout the team's campaign.

McGee's numbers are down. While that comes with age, that doesn't mean he can't make any impact on both ends of the floor. The veteran center has enough experience to adapt to any system and positively influence the team's chances of winning the title. He's also won three titles, winning two with Kevin Durant. The experience he has will be valuable when the postseason arrives.

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The Suns can execute a five-player deal. Phoenix can trade Nassir Little, rumored to be an asset the team's willing to trade, Yuta Watanabe and Eubanks. In exchange, the Kings will give up McGee and Davion Mitchell, which could also improve the backcourt problems that Devin Booker and company have dealt with.

A return to the Valley could rejuvenate McGee's career. His veteran presence and energy is what the Suns could utilize for the rest of the season.