3 bargain basement point guards the Suns have to consider this summer

The Phoenix Suns have a point guard problem and not a lot of money to fix it, but these are three bargain basement solutions to explore this summer.
Phoenix Suns v Charlotte Hornets
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1. Delon Wright

Any player that gets the seal of approval from the Miami Heat has to be worth looking at, and Delon Wright did just that this season. In fact he had a couple of moments in the playoffs against the Boston Celtics, and at 31-years-old was given the first postseason start of his career by the Heat in that series.

Wright averaged 26.8 minutes a night in four games - and although that was as much to do with being decimated by injury than anything else - the fact he didn't let the Heat down is worth noting for the Suns. Like Dunn he is a veteran in the league, a steady hand who looked like he still had some high level play left in the tank in his brief playoff appearance.

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The only problem here is that Wright's stock likely went up off the back of those nice performances against a true contender in the Celtics, but if the Suns could get in a room with him he would be a no-brainer to add to their rotation. He has nice height for a guard and coach Vogel could use that on both ends of the court to their advantage.

His personal numbers trail both Smith Jr. and Dunn when it comes to points and assists, although shooting 35.4 percent from deep is a nice bonus to have. Really though Wright would be the best connector between stars and role players that the Suns could realistically go out and get for the minimum this offseason, and he is a player they should go after hard.