3 bargain basement point guards the Suns have to consider this summer

The Phoenix Suns have a point guard problem and not a lot of money to fix it, but these are three bargain basement solutions to explore this summer.
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2. Dennis Smith Jr.

It feels like Dennis Smith Jr. is running out of chances to prove he belongs in the NBA, but going after him might not be the worst idea for the Suns. To start with they likely wouldn't have much competition for his services - and although that is not exactly a good thing - it does mean they could get Smith Jr. on a minimum deal.

Smith Jr. is also still somehow only 26-years-old, meaning there is higher upside than going after a player like Dunn. Although again the merits of Dunn are the fact that he is older, more mature and knows what is required to carve out a career in the NBA. The same cannot be said for Smith Jr. having played for six teams since 2017.

But going out and getting him would be a bigger swing for the organization, as Smith Jr. has shown flashes that Dunn simply never has in the league. He's athletic, explosive and has a swagger to him when he's got it going on that not everybody possesses. It is not hard to imagine him playing to his best if he's got Booker and Durant as teammates.

Career averages to this point of 9.7 points and 4.2 assists aren't going to move the needle - and really the Suns don't need a score first floor general - which is what Smith Jr. has been throughout much of his career. But if they can convince him to come in and get his teammates open looks by using the gifts he has at his disposal, this could be a really nice piece of cheap business for the Suns.