1 dream, 1 reach, 1 realistic free agency target for Suns

The Phoenix Suns will be players in free agency this summer, and there are all manner of players they could end up adding to their roster.
Los Angeles Clippers v Phoenix Suns
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Dream Target - Paul George

It is time to suspend all belief, and come with us as we get Paul George to The Valley. George has a player option this summer - and whether he picked up that $48 million or re-negotiated for a longer deal - the Suns could still technically get involved here.

Any deal would have to include Beal waiving his no-trade clause - which in itself is unlikely - although perhaps he likes the idea of living in Los Angeles and playing with Kawhi Leonard. From there the Suns and L.A. Clippers either work out a sign-and-trade with George and Beal, or else they take George on a one-year rental for Beal and try to figure it out later.

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That second option might sound ridiculous - of course this whole scenario is - but it would allow the Suns to get out from under Beal's contract even if George did walk next summer. That would give them more flexibility moving forward to add players to their roster, which in itself is reason to consider this.

The fit of George next to Booker, Durant and Nurkic would be a lot better as well. The Suns could then have an actual floor general out there and it wouldn't compromise the balance of their three best players. George is both a better fit and player than Beal in Phoenix, which is exactly why the Clippers wouldn't willingly do this unless he wanted out.