1 dream, 1 reach, 1 realistic free agency target for Suns

The Phoenix Suns will be players in free agency this summer, and there are all manner of players they could end up adding to their roster.
Los Angeles Clippers v Phoenix Suns
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Reach Target - Kyle Lowry

On the surface the idea of adding point guard Kyle Lowry doesn't seem like much of a reach at all. Now 37-years-old, his best days are clearly behind him. Even better for the Suns, he last played for the Philadelphia 76ers on a minimum deal, so they could afford to go and get him.

But Lowry is sure to have plenty of options if he is going to play for the minimum, and several of them would surely give him more of an opportunity to play than the Suns could. Ideally he would be a backup in Phoenix, and more often than not one who would sit in crunch time while Devin Booker and Bradley Beal did their thing.

Then again, this is a group that badly needs a floor general, and Lowry could be talked into playing with three stars and organizing the show. The idea of being paired with Mike Budenholzer - a head coach who used Jrue Holiday and even Jeff Teague to great success in the past - could also appeal to the player.

This isn't as much of a reach as some other potential targets, but it is going to be a crowded marketplace to try and secure Lowry's services. What the Suns need is a very particular player for a marginal role, while other wannabe contenders such as the Los Angeles Lakers could sell Lowry on the idea of more playing time and more freedom. Difficult, but by no means impossible.