Suns’ Bradley Beal recalls moment he embarrassed new teammate in the past

Phoenix Suns, Bradley Beal. Mandatory Credit: Soobum Im-USA TODAY Sports
Phoenix Suns, Bradley Beal. Mandatory Credit: Soobum Im-USA TODAY Sports /

The Phoenix Suns are going to be one of the more fun teams in the league this season. They have the ability to score anyway and have three guys who can absolutely take over a game on any night. And they have some great defenders and shooters on the bench. I figured I’d throw that last part in since some analysts like to think the Suns have a depth issue.

This team, which is almost completely different from the one they trotted out on the hardwood last season, comprises a bunch of guys who have never played together. However, you can tell the chemistry is already there, whether it be Kevin Durant saying there is no way you can guard all of them or it’s the big three in awe of each other because all they want to do is hoop.

The chemistry is there, for sure. I mean, it has to be, or Bradley Beal wouldn’t be joking about the time he embarrassed one of his new teammates back when the two were playing against each other. In fact, it was just last season when the Washington Wizards played the Portland Trail Blazers. Beal actually dunked on Drew Eubanks.

“Oh yeah, I remember,” Beal smirked at practice. “Every time we’re in practice, Drew tries to block every shot I shoot, so I’ll never let him live it down. But he’ll probably get me back one day.”

The chemistry is definitely there, and everyone can see it. The smirk on Beal’s face tells everything we need to know about this group of guys who just want to play together and for each other.

On another note, the dunk was pretty nasty, too, mainly because we don’t see Bradley Beal catch very many bodies and put dudes on posters, but it was nice. Let’s see if he can do that in a Suns uniform in 2023-24.