Four-team blockbuster trade has Suns fixing several issues

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Raptors get Vanvleet replacements

This offseason, the Raptors lost their second-best payer, or maybe third, in Fred Vanvleet, who was also their point guard. Well, not really their point guard, but more so the guy that brought the ball down the court. Vanvleet signing with the Houston Rockets may have been a blessing in disguise for the Raptors because now their offense can have more flow to it.

But they still need a point guard or guards. They still need guys to help develop guys like Scottie Barnes and Gradey Dick. They can get that in this deal.

Here is what the Raptors get:

Malcolm Brogdon, PG – Boston Celtics
Payton Pritchard, PG – Boston Celtics

This trade is an underrated one for the Raptors, who immediately get better with these two added to the roster. They get Brogdon, who is about as unselfish as it gets, and a guy who can be one of the more efficient players in the league.

They also get Payton Pritchard, who has been a spark off the Boston bench. He can defend, and he can score. The Celtics will hate to see these two go, but hey, they are getting Ayton and another guard. The Raptors also save $42 thousand in cap space.