Four-team blockbuster trade has Suns fixing several issues

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Sixers get great bench options

The Philadelphia 76ers have a lot going on with their team now. There is a huge possibility we have seen the last of James Harden in that uniform because of Daryl Morey. But they still have to fix their roster.

Aside from the Harden debacle, the Sixers have made a few moves. They have a window with Joel Embiid before he starts to get disgruntled, and this trade could help them at least a little bit. The trade is already doing more than they have done all offseason.

Here is what the Sixers get in this deal:

Gary Trent Jr., F – Toronto Raptors
Sam Hauser, F – Boston Celtics
Christian Koloko, C – Toronto Raptors

This is the only team that may say no to this deal. However, they do get a very good piece for their bench in Trent Jr., who has shown that he can score the rock at a great rate, too. Right now, the Sixer’s bench isn’t looking great, and adding Trent Jr. could propel their bench unit into one that you don’t have to worry about as much.

Do I think they say yes? I do, but I think they may ask for a second-rounder. For now, we will keep it looking like it is.