Four-team blockbuster trade has Suns fixing several issues

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The Phoenix Suns could use some roster fixing just to ensure they have everything they need for the 2023-24 season. That could be through a trade or even through a new signing. However, the Suns are two players away from being maxed out with their roster spots.

So trade is more likely; that way, they also don’t have to add more guys, pay those guys, and figure out how to use all 17, which just isn’t realistic.

The Suns still have roster issues. They need a bit more depth, a defensive big man, and a point guard to help distribute the ball where it should be more often. They don’t have those things, but that doesn’t make them the team that can’t compete. Every roster has holes.

Making a trade, though, would help fill some of those holes.

Suns’ potential trade could fill holes

This trade is going to catch a ton of people off guard, but with the recent news of the Suns trying to help facilitate a Dame Lillard trade, we can assume they are willing to move a piece as big as Deandre Ayton because they don’t have any other pieces they are willing to move that is as big as Ayton, to help that trade scenario.

So, I have put together a trade that can send Ayton somewhere and help the Suns roster improve overall. And, who knows, they likely won’t do anything near this deal, or they could. That is the beauty of the NBA.

What we do know, though, is that making up hypothetical trades is fun.