5 Phoenix Suns who shouldn’t be back after disappointing playoff run

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Considering that the Phoenix Suns were considered the favorites, by many, to come out of the Western Conference and to win the 2023 NBA title after they acquired Kevin Durant at the NBA Trade Deadline, I’m not sure how else you would label losing in the Western Conference semifinals other than a disappointment.

Nevertheless, the scary part (for the rest of the league) of all this is the fact that the Suns should be even better in year 2 under KD and Devin Booker. The Suns are going to make adjustments to their roster this offseason and will most likely be better equipped to handle such expectations.

Heading into the offseason, we take an early look at five Suns players that probably shouldn’t be back on the team next season.

Bismack Biyombo

Bismack Biyombo hasn’t played much for the Phoenix Suns over the past two seasons and with his contract coming to an end this summer, it’s likely that he will be playing for a new team next season.

Simply put, it’s what makes the most sense from an on-the-court basketball perspective. With how well Jock Landale has played this season (and in the playoffs), it’s likely that the Suns will choose to bring him back over Biyombo as the team’s backup center. Both are unrestricted free agents this offseason and you’d have to imagine that the Suns are going to prioritize Landale over Biyombo at this point.