What the Phoenix Suns need from Cameron Payne to get a win

Cameron Payne, Phoenix Suns (Photo by Alex Goodlett/Getty Images)
Cameron Payne, Phoenix Suns (Photo by Alex Goodlett/Getty Images) /
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With the right attitude and activity, Cameron Payne can replace Chris Paul in the Suns’ line-up and get Phoenix back in the series against Denver.

Returning from a 0-2 deficit against the number one seed in the West got more difficult with the loss of Chris Paul to a groin injury. According to John Gambadoro, Payne will get the assignment of replacing Paul in the Suns’ starting five on Friday in Game 3.

It is undoubtedly a tall task for Payne to replace Paul, but the reality is what it is, and the Suns are where they are. Monty Williams has little choice but to ride or die with Payne, the only other point guard on the postseason roster. Of course, regardless of how good or bad Payne plays, we will see Devin Booker as a point guard; Williams will have to get something out of Payne for the Suns to win.

Payne is not Paul, and that is okay for the Suns in this series

We cannot expect Payne to replace Paul completely; it is unrealistic, and they are very different players. Rather than try to emulate Paul and how he runs the offense, Cam needs to be the best version of himself and run the offense in a way that makes sense for the players on the floor around him.

Having only played  25 minutes in the entire postseason thus far, we need to be realistic about what Payne can deliver, but we should also be realistic about what the Suns need.