What is Kevin Durant going to miss for the Phoenix Suns?

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With the harsh reality of a fresh injury sinking in, the Phoenix Suns will be without Kevin Durant for at least three weeks, so what will he miss?

When the injury happened, I knew I had to double-check the calendar and see if it was April Fool’s Day. The idea that the Suns’ new acquisition, one of the greatest players of all time, KD, would be injured in warm-ups seemed nonsensical. After double-checking my watch and receiving several similar tweets, it was unbelievably true that Durant was hurt in warm-ups ahead of his home opener.

The hopes of the Suns’ nation of a walk-it-off injury were dashed

Following the initial injury the question was just how severe the ankle problem was. The fact that Durant finished his warm-up and everyone else seemed to think he was fine led most to believe he would be out only briefly. However, as video of the incident surfaced, it was evident that Durant did more lightly roll his ankle; he full-on sprained it.

As the idea that his injury was more severe than less started to come to light, the Suns updated us all with the news that Durant would be re-evaluated in three weeks.

We know KD will miss at least three weeks, which gives us some of what the Suns will face, and we know it is not great. The timing could hardly be worse, with Phoenix in the middle of a battle for homecourt in at least the first round of the playoffs.

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