3 Things can happen if the Phoenix Suns do not trade Jae Crowder

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Phoenix Suns forward Jae Crowder
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Option 2: Jae and the Suns stick with the status quo

As things stand right now, Crowder is getting his paycheck. If the Suns cannot trade Crowder and do not bring him back to the squad, then the status quo is always a possibility. Jae could continue to sit at home receiving paychecks for doing nothing but staying away from the team, just as the Suns could continue to pay him for that work.

Whether or not this helps Jae’s career is debatable; the rest is good for his legs, but a year away from the game can be detrimental – ask Michael Jordan. Of course, collecting checks on a salary of over $10 million a year helps alleviate many concerns, as does the fact that he will be a free agent at the end of the season, and this situation will be resolved.

The status quo helps no one, but the issue will eventually resolve itself.

Option 3: Crowder has his cake and eats it too

There is always the possibility that teams are not trading for Crower for a reason. An alternative to waiting until the end of the season – and simply cutting Crowder outright, which the team would not do for financial reasons – is Jae and the Suns agreeing to a buyout.

The Suns are on the hook for the remainder of Crowder’s contract, whether he plays or not. One way to avoid that payout is to negotiate with Jae on a buyout. Crowder would accept less than the entire contract owed him, but in exchange, he would be free to sign with any team.

If you are Crowder or one of his suitors, a buyout is the best option because the player will get paid, the team gets their target, and the Suns, well, Phoenix, gets the short end of that stick.

While a buyout does save Phoenix some money, with a new owner only days away, saving money is hopefully not the first job. Further, a buyout gives Phoenix no return on a player they deemed a valuable asset for the last six months. A buyout is a zero-sum game for the Suns and a result the team wants to avoid.

Ultimately, Jones and the Suns need to trade Crowder while they still can and get something to help fill some holes for the stretch run. No superstar is returning for Jae, but getting someone that slides into the rotation and deepens the team is better than the alternative, which is nothing.

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