3 Things can happen if the Phoenix Suns do not trade Jae Crowder

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As the NBA trade deadline nears, Phoenix still is without a clear destination for Jae Crowder; we must ask, what happens if the Suns do not trade Crowder?

Since before the season began, there was one seemingly absolute for the Phoenix Suns this season, Jae Crowder was not going to finish the season with the team. For whatever reason – only James Jones and Crowder know for sure – the decision was made for Jae to stay home from all team activities starting with summer workouts as a move would be explored. Now almost six months later and nearing the trade deadline, Crowder is still on the Suns’ payroll. Thus we must ask; what happens if Phoenix does not trade Jae?

Option 1: Reconciliation is the unlikeliest of options

The first and most unlikely option is that Crowder and Phoenix make nice, and he returns to the team. Given the injuries and games missed for key players, if the Suns were going to have Jae back, it would have happened. Therefore, it seems highly unlikely that Crowder ever again puts on a Suns jersey.

Although new ownership may see the situation differently, leaving the longshot possibility that Crowder would return and be fully fit by playoff time, the odds are Jae is not returning to Monty William’s bench. A reconciliation and return of Crowder is the only “positive” outcome for the team if Crowder is not traded if the team and Jae accept it.

So if Crowder is not traded and does not return to the team, there are only two options left.