Phoenix Suns injury situation goes from bad to worse for Booker

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The Phoenix Suns were already nursing several injuries, including some nagging problems with superstar Devin Booker, that are more than nagging.

A day after the Phoenix Suns showed their pride and some depth in a big road win at Memphis without star shooting guard Devin Booker, we learn they will have to do it a while longer. The Suns just announced that after further review, Booker would be out for the next month.

Bad news for Booker and the Suns with the groin strain

Over the last week, it was obvious that the issues with DBook were a bit more than anyone knew. Anytime a player returns from an injury and plays one day and not the next, it is problematic, as was the case with Booker and his hamstring issue. After returning for one miraculous performance, Book was out again, now with a groin problem.

As any athlete knows, the leg muscles are linked and a bum hamstring moving into the groin is never a good thing. Yes, Booker was trying to come back early, only to aggravate the injury and leave versus Denver. I think fans all over the valley knew it was terrible news when Book took himself out and went straight to the locker room.

Today, we are learning the extent of the issue, which seems to be a legitimate injury, as Booker will be out for at least the next four weeks. The announcement noted he would be re-evaluated at that time, which means the issue is severe and may not even be healed a month from now.

While the injury and a month-long absence will hurt the team and any MVP chances Booker may have had, getting our star healthy for the stretch run and playoffs is what is most important.

The Suns survived nearly a month without Chris Paul and have managed almost three months without Cameron Johnson. Now Phoenix will have to endure without Booker. It is just another in a series of challenges the team has faced this season, which means players will have opportunities to step up. Hopefully, they will.

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